Friday, March 25, 2011

Who is the Modern Housewife?

When the three of us created this blog, we all had one common thing in mind: we wanted to appeal to all mother's out there. This includes working mothers, stay-at-home moms and maybe even some grandmothers. Our intention has been (and will continue to be) to celebrate the life of a mother and invite you on our journey of parenting and everything that comes along with it!
We realize how tough it is today for a mother to complete all of her daily tasks and at the same time raise children in a happy healthy family. With all of the pollution that our children absorb from T.V, the Internet, video games, friends, and teeny bopper celebrities, it's difficult to instill good morals.
Although modern technology has enabled us to accomplish things around the house more easily and efficiantly, it has also created households that lack tradition. Think about it, how many of you know how to make a chocolate cake from scratch? Or use something other than a processed-commercial brand household cleaner to clean your countertops? Our answer to this is the Modern Housewife does.
 By sharing our ideas and creations, we hope to encourage other mothers out there to see the Modern Housewife in themselves.
Here are our top three favorite traits about the Modern Housewife:

She loves to make each and every dinner time special.
One of my fondest memories I have of my childhood is how we always ate dinner together. No matter how many sports practices, play rehearsals, or school projects (not to mention my parents work priorities) we had, the six of us always sat down for dinner every night to some delicious meal. Nowadays, it seems so normal, too normal, for families to eat-on-the-go without enjoying the quality time "dinner time" once offered.

The Modern Housewife understands and appreciates the traditional dinner time. Although we still juggle the practices, playdates and rehearsals, we aso respect the idea of the family sitting around the table together. Easier said than done, I know; but the Modern Housewife finds ways to make this work.
Leftovers become lifesavers. Re-heating big Sunday meals and presenting them in nice dinnerware, makes any mother's job easy.
Swap simple recipes with friends. Sharing recipes with others opens the door for new and easy meals in your home.
Be resourceful. How many times do you look in your pantry and say, "But I don't have the ingredients"? Take the time (when you have it) to research ingredient substitutions. Have fun in the kitchen and omit certain ingredients and add new ones!
Plant your own garden. Save time and gas by planting your own herbs, fruits and veggies. A simple spice can change a whole meal.
Plan ahead. Instead of waiting til 5pm on a weeknight to think about dinner, think about it over the weekend. Involve the whole family by making a dinner schedule, so everyone has input and better yet, enjoys the meal.

She loves to create a beautiful home by learning how to make things herself.
To create a house a home, the Modern Housewife researches new and old ways to fix things around the house, and creates beautiful works of art that bring life to the dull and boring. Not every family can afford to spend the money on making a home beautiful, but with a little guidance and imagination, the pretty things that make a house a home are attainable!

The Modern Housewife is thrifty. She sews her own buttons, and makes her own non-toxic cleaning solutions. She sews pillow cases out of older recycled linens from around the house, and refinishes or builds her own furniture. She is fun. She comes up with exciting craft ideas that the whole family can enjoy together. She decorates the playroom with her children's framed work of art, and she makes the children, toys out of everyday household items.

Not every mom can afford to stay home, but not every mom can work a full time job because she doesn't have help with the kids, and daycare is not a cheap option. These days finances impact a lot of the decision making for every family. If she is a stay-at-home Modern Housewife, it may mean her family is living on one income. The finer things in life may seem out of reach. That does not have to be the case though. If she puts her mind to it, the Modern Housewife can have the finer things, all it takes is a bit of creativity!

She loves the importance of carrying on tradition...and creating new traditions.
I've always loved the idea of tradition. We've had many in my family.....from as far back as I can remember! My Grammy cooked the most amazing Italian meals....the most amazing everything. She'd cook and clean all day for the pure enjoyment of watching us eat....and then eat some more. The Modern Housewife also likes the pleasure her family gets from these same recipes or the new recipes shes created or found on the internet. The difference is, her husband is there to wash the dishes or chop the onions (because he can do it faster since he may have had culinary experience) or play with the kids so that she can get it on the table quicker. And in this Modern Housewive's home, the husband also enjoys cooking, and she is very willing to do the dishes. There's give and take.

I also pride myself on making meals, that would otherwise be unhealthy, healthier. And I'm all about balance. The Modern Housewife loves lots and lots of color in her meals....the brighter the dish, the healthier the meal. This means being creative in order to find healthier options and also introducing new and fresh fruits and veggies with every meal. Also, she makes meals fun and interactive and, in turn, her children will be willing to eat what they've helped create.

Presentation is everything....well, not everything! Honestly, some of my best meals haven't been very pretty.The Modern Housewife would serve such meals on a beautiful platter or in a gorgeous handmade bowl and then garnish them with some fresh herbs from her organic garden. This simple gesture can bring life to any meal.

It is my personal choice to be a Stay-at-home mommy /Modern Housewife at this time in my life. Although it is not the right choice for every modern woman, I pride myself in creating my version of the best life for my family. Cooking healthy meals, being a personal car service and vacuuming everyday (just so the baby doesn't pick up every crumb off the floor), are tasks I take pride in because they are what is best of my family. We hope that every mommy out there, stay-at-home or not, can take away something from each and everyone of us....and relate on some level. If so, then we've done is what we've set out to do.

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Thanks, Jen and John!!!
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  1. Thank you so much, girls! This was one of the most fun shoots we've ever done. You are all so talented. Can't wait to watch where this blog takes you!