Monday, June 27, 2011

First Beach (Lake) Day!!

Our first day of summer vacation was a gorgeous one! Perfect really! So perfect, that we headed to the lake near us with good friends to celebrate the fact that.....School's Out For Summer!!!

                                                                           Drop and Run...

The aqua flip flops belong to my 10 year old daughter....and yes, I realize they are much bigger than mine. lol.

                                                                                    Wishful thinking.
                                                                 Testing the Waters...

Mia's always being chased by boys. Hmmmmmm, could that become a problem?

                                                                    Sand play...

While there, I realized that this was the first time Marli had been to the beach as a toddler...a walking, talking, eating (sand preferably), toddler!

                                                                   Lunch Time....

Did someone say "Lunch"???

Fresh water mussels perhaps?

My friend, Beth...Now I really want a big floppy beach hat.

We had a fun day with our friends at the lake. Many more to come this call us Lake Bums!


Friday, June 24, 2011

Girls Night

I recently decided to host an outdoor wine and dessert party for all my closest girlfriends. I wanted to really make it special, considering most of them are sleep and 'fun' deprived mothers and/or workaholics. Although the desserts were yummy, the wine fantastic and the decorations pretty, the best part by far was being able to catch up with everyone without having to chase the kiddos around. And get this...we actually all ditched the sweats for some pretty attire.
I made simple DIY wine glass tags with the first initial of every guest so we could distinguish whose was whose.
Guests who were pregnant drank out of cute little mason jars.

On the menu: chocolate mouse, panna cotta with peaches in lime syrup, gluten free cupcakes and Italian cookies

Teacups were family heirlooms...we all got so drunk, we never even got to use them LOL

Some girls weren't as cooperative with the camera....(ahem Sara)

Guests got to take home blueberry muffins as favors for the following morning.

Party was a success! Round two is in the works....


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Beachy Kind of Father's Day

 niantic river
my meema
my view
ahoy matey
 my favorite beach bag
dog mama?


now you see me

now you don't
daddy love


Monday, June 20, 2011

Uncharted Territory... Well at least in it's New State!

This spring, my family and I have purchased our very first home. Although small, it has charm and a couple more rooms for our growing family! I wouldn't say we were actively looking for a home, rather we were waiting for the right home to present itself. One with enough bedrooms, a nice neighborhood, and most importantly a price we could afford.
As exciting as this next step is in our lives, it is also bittersweet. In the past six years I have given birth to two of our three children there. So, there are many memories in this home. We will also miss our neighbors that happen to be family... no longer will we be able to walk down to Sunday dinner, or be greated each day by our two year old nephew/cousin Christopher! I know the moment we close the door to those memories, there will be some tears.
It will take some time getting used to this unknown territory, and to make it feel like home. Personalizing the space, and creating a cozy homestead for my children, will contribute to many happy memories both Bill and I will one day cherish in our old age.

Before we personalize the space, we will first need to renovate a bit! Here are a few before photos of our new house...

  Here are some of the after photos...

Painted walls: Benjamin Moore's "Simply White", new sink, tile, painted cabinets, tile floors, new light, and recessed lights!

Dining Room:
Painted walls" Benjamin Moore's "Gray Owl",new light, wainscoting, and refinished wood floors.

Living Room:
Painted walls:  Benjamin Moore's "Gray Owl", refinished wood floors.

Christopher and Bryce's Room:
Painted walls: "Stoningtion Gray", Ikea light, painted knotty pine, refineshed playroom.

 Chloe's Room:
Painted walls: Benjamin Moore's "Pink cloud". Painted wood floors: "Cloud Cover".

Master Bedroom:
Painted walls (forgot name of color sorry) Painted wood floors: Benjamin Moore's "Cloud Cover".

It's not finished, but it is getting there...

Although a lot of time, money, and effort went in it, I am very pleased with the almost finished result!

Thanks for looking!!!