Saturday, March 12, 2011

Antique Spoon Hook Rack!

You could definitely spend $40 on an Anthropologie Hook Rack, and I would have absolutely nothing against it... because I love Anthropologie! But... if you'd like to be a little creative, as well as a little thrifty, I suggest you go this route!
In total I spent about $16 on materials. I paid $6 for the antique spoons. About $10 total on the smallest container of stain and polyurethane. Try to find a piece of wood, instead of purchasing it, any size should be fine!

To begin you will need:
-antique spoons
-a block of wood
antique spoons

Now for the fun part...
flatten spoons using a hammer!

Bend the handle part of the spoon up!

Drill a hole through the center of the round part of spoon, and then screw spoons onto block of wood...

Hang some dried flowers, or a pretty picture!

You give so much more meaning to an object when you have created it yourself! 


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  1. Sarah, this is great! I'm going to do something like this in my apartment. Thanks!