Tuesday, March 29, 2011


We thought, since we've been blogging about some aspects of our lives for a few months now, we probably owed it to our devote "followers" to give you a little background information about each of us....and maybe add a little random facts just for fun. Things you may be interested in knowing....and things that maybe you wish you didn't (just kidding).

I'll go first. It's only appropriate, since I'm the eldest of the 3 of us.....as I like to constantly remind myself and them. Hi, I'm Kirsten!!! Nice to meet you!

A Little Background Info:
~ Born and raised in Connecticut...and raising our family here as well
~ Been with my husband for almost 13 years....Married for almost 9 years
~ We have 3 daughters....Lily Taylor 10 yrs old, Mia Beth almost 7 yrs old, and Marli Grey (the 'Mar' in Marchlela) almost 1 yrs old.
*Note that there are ALOT of  "almost"s...spring & summer are busy times for us*

Our Menagerie.... includes a Boston Terrier, 2 lizards, 2 aquatic frogs, a flying squirrel....and the occasional praying mantis egg case (which can hatch up to 400 baby praying mantis') or swallowtail chrysalis' (My oldest daughter is an Entomologist & Herpetologist in the making)

Things I Love and Randomness:
~Red Wine~Attempting to Garden~Reading trashy mags~closet country rock lover~Cala Lillies in all colors & sizes~Concerts with my sister (all time fav thing to do)~ Pedicures year round~ Jeans and T-shirts~Family Movie Night....and Horror movies with the Hubs~Fav colors are Dark Purple & Olive Green~Maijong Tile Game (addicted)~Horses (my grandmother had a horsefarm when I was growing up)~Tomboy at Heart....love playing soccer and softball (and now watching my daughters play) ~City flats & flip flops~Red Sox fan~COFFEE-oholic~York Peppermint Patties, black licorice,&hot cinnamon candy~eat natural peanut butter by the spoonful~Can't bring myself to clean the baby handprint off the livingroom mirror~aspire to be a prenatal ultra-sound technician one day~Dreams of designing & building A Home....with more than ONE bathroom.

I hope by sharing some things about me that you'd other wise not know by reading our blog, will bring you that much closer to relating to me as a woman, a mother, and a wife. You all know I love to cook and create (and drink wine) ....but now you know that I am a well-rounded, multi-fasceted woman!

Thank you for following our journey thus far......and, in advance, I thank you for continuing to follow us in the future.

Lots of Love....from my family to yours



  1. Love the pics Kirsten...you're girls are precious!!!

  2. Love all the pictures! Your girls are little dolls!