Monday, March 14, 2011

Shelf Appeal

What do I love more than a cozy cottage kitchen? A cozy cottage kitchen that has open shelves to display pretty dishes, of course! Why hide dinnerware in cabinets behind closed doors when you can show your pieces off on perfect little shelves?

I love to see how people fill their shelves; some choose a theme (a specific color, design, item, etc), while others like to mismatch their shelves.
Open shelving would be a must-have in my dream kitchen. That is why I begged my husband (amongst other things) to build open shelves for me in our newly remodeled pantry.

Below was my inspiration picture. I love the simplicity of the shelves as well as the monochromatic color scheme. I also love the idea of having a pantry that is just as beautiful as the kitchen...

And now, my interpretation of open shelves...


  1. Amazing Post!! That is definitely my must have for my kitchen in my next house....that and a food pantry!! Just got an idea for a post!! hahaha!! love how that works =)
    P.S. Are those last pix your house??? If not, they look very similar.

  2. This is such a helpful post! The top is my fav!!! You did a great job in the pantry, eventhough I've seen it already... might as well say it again!!! :)