Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spring is almost here!

I can almost smell the crisp/fresh air of a bright spring morning...
I can't wait to open the windows, and bring in a little sunshine! What better way of bringing in some sunshine than decorating with it! Here are some vintage, Etsy finds... spring inspired of course!!! 

I love vintage glass bottles... This one captures the clean, brightness of spring!

Decorating with white! Above is a milk glass vase, and below a plain white platter! These objects add a crisp, clean look to any home!

I also love vintage wire baskets! They could be used to store things, or just used as a pretty fixture!

Tin organizer...

This tin organizer is perfect for storing the mail or bills! Plus it's pretty! Like they say... "A place for everything and everything in its place!" Might as well make it pretty!


  1. Love these finds Sarah. The 3 of us should really plan some trips together to flea markets and post pics of what we find!

  2. you are inspiring me get more vintage decorations for my house...thanks!!