Monday, August 29, 2011

Next up on my wish list

The only good thing about Hurricane Irene, is that it convinced my husband that it's time I have a good pair of rain boots. What better way to truck through the mud and rain, then with a cute pair of Hunter wellies upon your toes.

Original Tall Women $125
Whether you need to run to the market during a rain storm, take the dogs out for a walk on a wet Fall night or help your husband shovel some snow this winter, there's no reason why you can't look fabulous doing it.

Now I just need to convince Chris that Ella needs a matching pair...

What do you pair your wellies with?


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sailing the Open Seas, While Fast Asleep...

I didn't have any preconceived ideas or themes for my boy's bedroom... A nautical theme just seems to fit for their little bedroom, with the painted knotty pine walls and doors. I love all the different elements of nautical themes... from the oars and bouys to the seashells and crabs!
Of course I would need the approval of my two strong willed, aquarians... Christopher and Bryce! Whom happen to love all things to do with boats, crabs, and fishing!

It's not a boat without a cool vintage flag. I found this in a funky store in P-town, Ma.
I framed 2 8x10 vintage maps of the eastern and western hemispheres

Know of any kids who can look out their porthole and spot a great white?
My mother bought this framed antique book for me 18yrs ago in CC.
Handmade wall art... A crab by Bryce, and a sailboat painting by Chris
A couple rootbeer bottles from the Cape along with a book I've had since I was little.

Navy blue bucket, perfect place to store sports gear.
For the windows I chose a madras print.
 For the beds, plaid with blue crabs on the pillow cases.
For the lighting, a cool camping-nautical light from Ikea, and a bouy lamp from the Christmas Tree Shop.

Lastly, some more flags for the ceiling.



Monday, August 22, 2011

Emily's Baby Shower!

This is my gorgeous friend, Emily!

She is obviously very pregnant...with a very special miracle baby boy, Niko. The wonderful women in her life threw her an amazing poolside baby shower to celebrate such a momentous occassion in her life. I was honored to be amongst these women and to get to capture this special day for my friend.

In addition to being surrounded by an array of women, we were overwhelmed by food. (overwhelmed in a good way)  Not only was the spread humugous, but it was delish and yummo and mouth-watering (and whatever other of your fav descriptive words you could possibly think up) Not to mention, beautifully displayed.

This salad stand was really neat....and such a space saver!

Being as it was a jungle theme, jungle animals and prints were incorporated in small doses throughout the party. I also loved the bright yellow sunflowers in all the flower arrangements.  Bright, bold, and exotic are words I'd use to describe my classy the theme definitely was a perfect fit for this Mom-to-Be.

You wouldn't believe the amount of gifts that were piled up to-be-opened. I took pictures of every single one of them and every single smile and tear that came across Emily's face with each gift. Here's only a few pictures just to give you an idea of how sweet the gifts really were.

And why would Em assume that this one was from me....???? Maybe because we share the same Gap obsession, perhaps?

Hey wait, isn't this a baby shower?? A fun baby shower!!

Big sister, Millie, made out pretty good too!

One of my favorite little gifts for baby Niko. Sox fan in the making.

A baby is such a blessing! Love you Em!