Friday, May 13, 2011

Vineyards and Picnics!!

I'm a pretty simple person. Although I like the luxeries that life has to offer, I'd rather spend a beautiful day, with beautiful people, just enjoying each other's company. Well, that sums up my Mother's Day are a few highlights of the time I spent with those I love the most.

The weekend started out by pullin' up a wine barrel and tasting some wine at Saltwater Farm Vineyard.....

...and briefly touching on my sister's dreams of getting married at this particular vineyard all while watching them set up for a wedding taking place there shortly.

Posing for the camera with my sister, mom, and step-mother. We all have rosey wine cheeks.  Note the vineyard behind us! Breathtaking!

On to the next....Stonington Vineyard

Wine barrels.....make for a smoother tasting wine.

The tasting room....the YUMMY room!! LOL!!

After finally finding a wine that my mother loved, I bought a bottle, and we headed out to their crisp, green lawn for a picnic ("pickanick" in my Yogi Bear voice) lunch. It was a glorious day!

Sunday Mother's Day.....what to do?? husband suggested packing up our crazy family, along with a few sandwiches, and heading to Devil's Hopyard. It was a brilliant idea considering my daughters are all about being outside and being emersed in nature. Our adventure....

started off a little rocky, with the discovery of an injured butterfly and a few tears shed by my Nature Girl, Lily. She quickly recovered after I took a few memorial shots and we continued on with our day....

Let the "emersion" begin!!

Showin' the love...

ok, maybe a little less love in this case. lol.

And after a little sunbathing and relaxing....

...and a late day sunshower, it was time to head home.
I had the best Mother's Day....two days, filled with gorgeous weather, beautiful scenery, delicious wine and, most importantly, AMAZING people!! Thank you to those who made my weekend an unforgetable one. You are truely loved.

What made your weekend special??


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