Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Simple felt accessories!

I love felt, it's so easy to work with and it can be made into so many adorable things! My five year old loves pretend play, each day he is a different character! He also loves to be just like dad, I made him this cute little wallet so that he can feel like a grown up but also have a place to store all his cash... ;) If you ask him, its about a few thousand that he keeps on him at all times! I also made a cute little purse, although my daughter is only a baby, it's still cute for them to carry around a purse. even if it's for a photograph, and one day she will be able to play with it as well! I will have to come up with something a little more grown-up for my ten year old...

To begin you will need:
~Felt of any color of your choice
~Needle and thread

Simple right?

For the wallet...
~Cut out three rectangles
~Sew on an applique (cut out felt truck, ball, monster face, etc...)
~Sew the three pieces of felt together
~Sew the rectangles together(the third is so that there is a divider inside)

For the purse...
~Cut out two squares or rounded off squares
~Cut out a longer strip of felt for handle
~Sew on an applique of your choice
~Sew the two pieces of fabrice together
~Sew on the handle
~Flip inside out

I'm sure your cuties will love their wallet and purse, and don't worry if they get ruined they are so easy to make, and inexpensive too! So fill with there most needed items, like a pacifier, or their license issued at Walt Disney World!

Hope They Enjoy!


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