Friday, May 6, 2011

Pretty in Pink!!!

So here it is...

The secret craft that some of you have been waiting for!!! I'm really pleased with how it came out, it's different than most flower bands I've seen, but still really dainty and pretty!!!
My inspiration came from a necklace on Etsy that I've kept in my cart for the past month, but have refused to buy it knowing that I could make something similar!!! Instead of a necklace, I chose to do a simple baby's headband. I plan on doing other variations, and will modify it for the winner if they would like it for themselves instead of for a little girl!

To begin you will need...

~small sharp scissors
~invisible ink pen, or just a pencil
~paper(for the template)
~sewing needle
~a pre-made headdand, or stretch lace sewn into a headband

Start by...
~tracing a flower of your style on a piece of paper, cut out the template and trace onto felt with pen or pencil.
~Carefully cut the design, so as to keep smooth rounded edges. This is what they should look like...

~Thread your needle with the thread, and at the bottom of the petal, sew around the flower.

 ~Pull the two ends of thread and knot.

~I made four flowers for the one band. I bought a pre-made plain headband, but you can also simply make one yourself out of strech lace, and sewing the ends together.
~Finally, sew the flowers onto the band securely.

~I added a personalized touch to the back...

Some alternate views...

Thanks to all of you who have become followers of Marchlela! We hope that the lucky winner enjoys my little creation! The drawing will be a little later today, so make sure to check back!!!

Thanks so much everyone!



  1. Love the headband, it's so cute. Oh and the model isn't that bad either ;)

  2. I love the headband, so adorable. Chloe is beautiful!!