Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My sink console find!!!

I just wanted to share this because I was pretty proud of myself!!! I was looking in Pottery Barn(I have no right to be with the money we are spending now!), and my mouth was watering over their beautiful sink consoles... I really had my eye on what actually was one of the cheaper ones in the bunch(rare for me, I usually pick out the most expensive!), probably because what I was looking for  had to fit in our one and only bathroom of our new home! Well despite the fact that the one I liked is the cheapest in Pottery Barn, it still is too expensive for us! BUMMER...

...Until I was searching the internet, and what do ya know! I found one almost identical for about $200 less!!! That deserves a pat on the back!!! :)

Here is the one from Pottery Barn...

Here is the cheaper sink from

Amazing what marketing can do!!!



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