Friday, July 29, 2011

Recent Purchases

There's only one thing I love just as much as I love going to the beach...and that is going shopping! Over the past few weeks I have shopped til I dropped...literally...(I acutally had to rush my mom to the ER because I exhausted her so much...amongst other things...sorry Ma). I thought I'd share some of my fabulous finds...and also some cool gifts I've received.
Old Navy Dress
Amy's Flea Market Finds. My mother-in-law and I share a love of old, rustic antiques. On one of her trips up to Vermont this summer, she took time to scavenge local flea markets and tag sales, to pick up some neat items she knew I'd love....and who could not love them...
Blue tinted mason jars
And a clamming basket that I am using as a magazine holder

It's become somewhat of a weekly outing for my children and I to walk down to our local bookstore, Book Barn and devulge ourselves into magical fantasies and faraway know, Seasme Street, Steve and Blue's house, a glimpse into a bathroom where a toddler tells us the steps of using the potty over and over again. And of course, I always take a second to look for myself...and low and behold, I found my summer read...
A true classic that never gets old.
And a small anniversary gift for Chris, although it hasn't moved off the bookshelf since the day I bought it. Hmmm.
Fedora, from where else, but Grace
Never been a true fan of coffee until about two weeks ago. One mug turned into two...and well, the rest is history. I thought I'd give the Chai Latte K cups a try and I'm hooked.
$11.99 Target
Chris and I celebrated our five year wedding anniversary on July 15. Because he's a true romantic at heart (he'd kill me if he read this), he stuck with tradition and got me something considered to be silverware. It's a cute little pill box that I keep my rings in at night. love love love.
Tiffanys- and I'm not going to look up the can lol.
Still on my wish list...the perfect dough bowl for my dining room table...
Like this one from Miss Mustard Seed's blog
And a framed chalk board to display the dinner menu...
What have you purchased recently? I'd love to hear....

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  1. Love all your treasures - the clam basket is great for magazines!