Friday, July 15, 2011

Cape Cod Homes

Growing up, I spent many summers in Cape Cod. It's one of those places where the hectic life stops and the simple one begins. Not much has changed in the Cape since I can remember, only that I do not visit nearly as much as I would like...  

I remember biking down dirt roads for a day at the beach. Going out for ice cream each night. Catching the sunset at First Encounter Beach. As well as nightime bonfires on the beach.

There is one aspect though, that I never noticed as much when I was young as I do now...
How beautifully simple and unique the cottages are in the Cape. Each one whether big or small tells its own story...

 The tiny little cottages always catch my attention...

 I love the high pitch roofs of these cottages.
 I love their little imperfections too.
Screened in porches.
Beautiful color choices.
Even the garages are unique...
I love this blue door!
 The newer homes are just as pretty.
On the grander scale, this Chatham home takes the cake!
I'm in love with all the hydrandgeas!
(photo courtesy of Mimi and Jack blog)

Now what to do with all this inspiration...



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