Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring Blooms

 above (my favorite) fresh cut Peonies

Now that Easter has come and gone, we can focus more on the other pretty aspects of Spring! Some of the simple ways to bring color in the home, is by bringing in nature's beauty in the form of pretty, colorful flowers! Whether you go in your garden and clip some flowers, or buy some pretty flowers at your local florist, a floral arrangement is the perfect accent that compliments any style of decor in your home... and they smell heavenly too!

Above are beautiful Ranunculas set in a pretty pitcher, photographs by Ciaobellaphotography on Etsy.

Fritillarias and Epimediums by Martha Stewart

Pretty Pink Tulips!
One of my Mother-in-law's arrangements for Easter

Beautifully fragrant Hyacinths
My other Mother-in-law's Easter gift to me!

I arranged them in a tin bucket and placed them on this pretty blue chair!

One of my first blooms this year!
Pink Heather!

I clipped a few and placed them in a vintage glass bottle!

The most affordable and fun way to incorporate beautiful flowers in the home on a regular basis, would be to plant your own! Research the types of flowers that bloom for each season, that way there will always be some type available in your garden! Remember, when you make something yourself, or in this case grow something yourself not only is it more affordable, but it is so much more rewarding!!!




  1. The flowers look great Sarah! Wanna pick some for meee?

  2. Beautiful....I love fresh flowers too!