Monday, April 4, 2011

Easter Egg Tree!

Easter is such a fun time of year for the kids, but can be equally as fun to decorate, for the adults! The colors are so pretty, and mimic the bright, vivid, colors that springtime offers! A way of using an element from the outdoors as decorations inside for Easter, would be an Easter Egg Tree! Although time consuming, decorating an Easter Egg Tree is a fun activity the entire family can enjoy together!

Some of the items you will need:
~A pot or tin container
~A foam flower block
~Safety pin
~Large styrofoam square with pins for drying eggs
~Food coloring

Start by gathering branches...

Place a foam flower block into your pot.
Stick the branches into the foam flower block.

Then blow out the eggs...
(Use a safety pin to make holes on both ends of egg, and with aspirator, blow out the contents of egg into a bowl)


Dye the eggs...
(1tsp. vinegar, 10-20 drops of food coloring, and 1c. of hot water)


Dry the eggs on pins stuck into large, flat, styrofoam square, then set aside on paper towel...
I seperated the colors for each of my children: Blue for Christopher, orange for Bryce, and pink for Chloe!

With a very large sewing needle, pull a piece of string through the egg and knot the end.
Tie each egg onto a branch.

Christopher's large, blue, egg tree...

Bryce's medium, orange, egg tree...

Chloe's small, pink, egg tree...

Displayed together on my dining room table...




  1. I will definitely be recreating this with my girls!! Neat idea!

  2. Wow Sarah! They look great...awesome job!!!

  3. So beautiful! Love the step-by-step tutorial and cheerful egg colours.

  4. Love how the represent each of the kids...especially Bryce's orange!