Friday, April 15, 2011

Easter Fun!

The best part of Easter, in my opinion, is making fun things with the kids! Whether its treats or crafts, I enjoy coming up with an idea, and seeing where they take it... and usually their input ends up being better than my own! This year I wanted to do a couple of things with them... decorating cupcakes, and making fun containers for eggs or candy!

Here is bunny helper #1, Chris, decorating his cupcake! (What a good sport!)

 Bunny helper #2, Bryce, really taking his time loading the top of the cupcake with yummy jellybeans!

 And our little flower, Chloe, observing her brothers in hopes of getting a taste of their yummy creations!

Here is a close up view...

Above is the boy's version of  jelly bean decorated cupcakes. To the left and right was my attempt at a flower, which I saw in a magazine... Maybe not magazine worthy, but I Thought they were pretty cute!

Next the boys and I thought up an idea to make a container to carry our eggs, but that were also cute!
We used a larger size tin can. We cut paper and glued it around the tin can. Then we decorated them to resemble an Easter Bunny, a chick, and a Robbin's egg!

Here is Chris proud of his Robbin's egg, with feet! ;)

Bryce concentrating on his detailed art...

Here are two more fun and yummy treats I made for the holiday!

Rice Krispie treats shaped into eggs!

And Banana Whoopie Pies...
Find the recipe at

If you would like to make this an even more memorable experience, play the song "Here comes Peter Cottontail" in the background! Every time I hear that song, it brings me back to my childhood... So make some memories with your kids, you both will forever cherish them!




  1. OMG that is the cutest post ever!!! Love them all!!! hahaha

  2. I absolutely love this post!! You did such a great job...with such simple, yet wonderful ideas! Your kiddos are the cutest!