Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Assembly of the Girls Easter Baskets!

The first step to putting together my 3 daughter's Easter baskets was finding the actual baskets I wanted to use. I chose to stick with the traditional wicker style baskets in 3 different sizes with handles....and add my own touch.

I added brightly colored basket liners to each one using the same color palette but different patterns.

Next I added colored Easter grass. I like to use the recycled or natural grass...this year I found some that was made from corn.

The big girls needed new sandwich containers....I found these at Old Navy of all places. Instead of filling plastic eggs with Jelly Belly jellybeans, I filled the sandwich holders for a fun surprise!

Lily's "Nature Girl" Basket!! (she'll be happy to get the Pillow Pet she's been begging me for the past few years)

Some details of her basket included bug gardening gloves and brightly colored rubber snakes...

A jump rope (in her fav color)....and some traditional candy!!

Mia's "Girly Girl" Basket!!

Details of her basket included a book of her newest interest and real nail polish strips (that just stick on! how easy!) adorned with pretty butterflies....

A girly pink jumprope....and of course, the traditional candy!!

Marli's "1st Easter" Basket!! As simple as a first basket should be....with an Easter bib, a new sippy cup, a soon-to-be 1st Birthday book, and a watering can. (I'm sure she'll attempt to dive into her big sister's baskets too)

Can't wait for them to see what the Good Ol' Easter Bunny brought to our house this year!!

May all your Easter mornings be filled with sweet smells and bright surprises....and of course a bit of creativity!



  1. Those are soooooooooooooo cute!

  2. so cute!! I love the little watering can.