Friday, August 5, 2011


My children have collected so many pretty shells for me this summer...

So many that I wasn't sure what else I can do with them besides decorating the ledge...

So I searched for a little online, and saw so many pretty ideas. I chose to make seashell candles because for one they are pretty, and two they serve a purpose!
Here is my inspiration from who else but good ol' Martha Stewart! Maybe someday when I have the time I can actually get my crafts to be as pretty as hers...

They are simple to make.
All you need is...
~Candle wax (from local craft store)
~Fragrance and color optional
~Candle wick

Melt wax, fragrance and color on a double boiler! I learned the hard way that a very little bit of color goes a long way! They came out a little too red for my liking!

Then fill into the shell with the wick already in place...

Here is my little place setting, fit for a warm summer's night!



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