Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sailing the Open Seas, While Fast Asleep...

I didn't have any preconceived ideas or themes for my boy's bedroom... A nautical theme just seems to fit for their little bedroom, with the painted knotty pine walls and doors. I love all the different elements of nautical themes... from the oars and bouys to the seashells and crabs!
Of course I would need the approval of my two strong willed, aquarians... Christopher and Bryce! Whom happen to love all things to do with boats, crabs, and fishing!

It's not a boat without a cool vintage flag. I found this in a funky store in P-town, Ma.
I framed 2 8x10 vintage maps of the eastern and western hemispheres

Know of any kids who can look out their porthole and spot a great white?
My mother bought this framed antique book for me 18yrs ago in CC.
Handmade wall art... A crab by Bryce, and a sailboat painting by Chris
A couple rootbeer bottles from the Cape along with a book I've had since I was little.

Navy blue bucket, perfect place to store sports gear.
For the windows I chose a madras print.
 For the beds, plaid with blue crabs on the pillow cases.
For the lighting, a cool camping-nautical light from Ikea, and a bouy lamp from the Christmas Tree Shop.

Lastly, some more flags for the ceiling.



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