Friday, August 12, 2011

Garden Envy

For the past 7 years, I've watched with envy as my 80 something year old neighbor planted, and pruned, and picked, and putzed, in his beautiful gardens. I would say he has a green thumb of sorts! His gardens attract the most interesting wildlife as well.....colorful hummingbirds, rare bluebirds....that come back to nest every year, bright orange orioles, butterflies and dragonflies galore.....and my WILD children (but only because he has a maticulously manicured, crystal clear, inground pool and a poolhouse with a refridgerator where he stores popsicles bought just for them...but that is besides the point).

Love the color of this birdhouse.

And this is a Blue Bird house. Blue birds are extremely picky birds. They require specific dimensions for their nesting quarters to ensure proper nesting and renesting each year. Click here for the specifics:

Flower buds are so fascinating and beautiful to me. It's amazing how they can change overnight.

The rustic details are intriguing.

The wide array and colors of hydrangeas are my favorite part of his garden.

pale blue and white

light purple

pale pink

Bright pink and green


periwinkle blue

I tried my hardest to get a picture of the hummingbird that visited my a dozen times while I was snapping away. He unfortunatley didn't stay long enough each time for me to get a good snapshot. I did get this guy to stay put for a few seconds.

There were a few wild strawberry bushes mixed in which actually have pretty little buds and flowers on them.

I hope you enjoyed my neighbor's garden as much as I do. He was certainly thrilled to know he was being "published"....although not really understanding what exactly a blog is. I had to laugh. I'll have to truck my laptop over and show him the finished product. Happy Gardening....or at least vicariously living through the gardener in your life!


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