Friday, February 18, 2011

Simple Joys

The baby is FINALLY down for her afternoon nap. Now to start pondering what I'm going to shove in my face for lunch. (Not very ladylike....but very honest) Of course I want to eat healthy....but what can I make quickly? hmmm? SALAD, perhaps?!?! A smile comes over my face as I start rummaging through my refridgerator for ingredients. I am realizing that my creativity can seriously come into play in the making of this salad....the colors, the flavors, the combinations, the balance. I am in heaven!! This may seem strange to some, but I have come accustom to really thinking about the effects of what I eat.  3 pregnancies and 3 nursing babies....enough said. But, in turn,  I have really come to enjoy making and eating healthy meals for the pure benefit of others......just so we're clear! LOL!!

Organic baby spinach is a staple in our house. We use it for most every salad, in tomato sauce...and even in omelets.

Add a little color....a red, yellow or orange pepper. Avocados are a must in my house. All 3 of my daughters love them!! A good fat, who knew.

The little critters who also share our home, our pets, also benefit from my salad making....with the exception of the dog.

Add some crunch...some nuts, some dried fruit.....and something salty, like crumbly cheese. I prefer an olive oil based dressing....The possibilities are endless!! Savor the simple joys of life.....and be sure to follow your big healthy salad with a big piece of chocolate. Life is all about balance.


P.S. Marli woke just in time to share!!

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  1. Love it! Crumbled cheese on salad is amazing. I have a few suggestions for the chocolate part, lol.