Monday, February 21, 2011

Rockaby Baby

One of my biggest challenges this year was to create a unisex bedroom for my two kiddos. Composing an arrangement of decor that captures a little boy's heart, but also being angelic enough for a baby girl can be daunting. To solve this problem, I broke the process down into three simple steps: Paint color, furniture, and decor.
With the room empty, I was able to concentrate on what feel I wanted this room needed to have and begin my color search. After much thought (and countless hours scavenging through numerous paint swatches), I opted for a neutral color scheme with plans to incorporate bright bursts of color.

I felt bright white furniture was the best path to choose because it contrasted well with the wall color, (Benjamin Moore, Alexandria Beige). Another good reason I went with white is that if you are painting some pieces of the furniture yourself, it is not hard to change it to another color (white can be colored over easily as opposed to...say MAGENTA!).

Finally, my favorite part of the project...the decor! Most people feel a greater appreciation for any project when they have worked hard on it and have, in some way, made it their own. I am one of those people. I would call my style an interpretation of shabby chic and eclectic: Ashley Chiclectic haha, jk. I like to use an assortment of items that may not all be parts of matching sets, but somehow find ways to work together in a room. Half of this is due to my personality, and the other is due to my finances. Most times, exactly what you are looking for is in an expensive magazine and gives you the fuel to search for it at a more affordable price (everyone has their own definition of affordable). While I love the Pottery Barn's and Williams-Sonomas of the world, I can't always afford to shop them. Resources I have found to become valuable are The Christmas Tree Shop, Homegoods, A.C. Moore, yard sales, or even a parent's attic. It takes a little more time to shop this way, but you will see the savings in the end.
I love to incorporate meaningful items into my decorating (I smell a new post idea brewing in my head!). The white bookshelf below that displays Ella's pretty hats and Christopher's books, once held my own girly treasures when I was young.
Sadly, my grandmother passed away in 2005, before both of my children were even conceived. I like to imagine that she is in heaven looking over my family, espicially my children. One of the only items I have of my grandmother's is a journal of her poems and letters, which I cherish. Copying and framing a poem of hers about the joys of having granddaughters incorporates a bit of her beauty into the nursery.
When my husband was young, his grandmother created this piece of art for him. 28 years later, it now sits on our son's (Christopher Matthew, Jr.) dresser. I love the story behind it as well as the uniqueness of it.
The result? A cozy and playful nursery for the loves of my life! Well, at least I hope...What do you think?



  1. Great post Ash!!! The nursery looks beautiful! -Hol & Court xoxox

  2. i love the room!!! it looks more adult than my own room does! im pretty sure im still in a college dorm room lol

  3. you are so talented the nursery is so beautiful!