Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Make it your own... Embroidery!

        This is a craft that you can make for under $10! Not only is it cheap to create, it's relaxing, and most importantly, adorable!
        I like to keep it in the embroidery hoop, but you can frame them as well! The fun part about it is that you can do absolutely anything! I love to make funky looking flowers, but you could make animals, teacups, trees, or just a pretty design... the great thing about do it yourself decorations, is that each creation is a reflection of each person's unique style!

        To start, you will need to purchase your supplies at your local craft store: 
1.) emroidery hoop
2.) fabric
3.) embroidery floss
4.)sewing needle
5.) scissors
6.) glue

Start by placing the fabric in the hoop, and secure it nice and taut! You can draw the design lightly with a pencil or with a dissapearing ink pen. There are also patterns, but I prefer to make a creation uniquely my own. Next, Thread the needle, and begin sewing your design. You can do a basic stitch, or if you want to learn a fancier stitch, you can learn by typing how to's on! Some of the fancier are the french knot, chain stitch, fly stitch, and many more...
After your creation is finished cut the excess fabric around the hoop, leaving about a half inch of fabric!
Then glue the fabric to the inside of the hoop!
Let it dry and... Voila!
Beautiful wall art!

Have fun creating! Here is a sneak peek of the next fun creation...
Can you guess what it will be? Well I'm not telling, be sure to come back and find out!!!



  1. Good job Sarah! I love this

  2. I love it too! I am def going to try it now that I know how easy and inexpensive it is. Can't wait to see what you're next post will be.....