Friday, February 25, 2011

Basement Find!!

So I've been browsing alot lately....looking for unique and/or vintage item and ideas to spruce up my home. I've been wanting some old glass bottles....some of various sizes, to use as decoration as well as for vases for all those pretty spring and summer blooms I've been daydreaming about picking from my garden. I had come to the conclusion that, because I really did not want to spend much money on them, I'd have lots of yardsales to look forward to come spring. Well, the reality of a New England winter became clear when I had to go check to make sure our sump pump was doing it's job between the rain and the snow melting. While in the basement, thinking about how much I'd love to not be, something caught my eye.....
Behind all of my husband's various tools and odds and ends, were 4 very....very old glass bottles sitting side by side on a ceramic tray. I have NEVER seen them on my many trips to the basement in the past 7 years of living here. I can only assume, by the amount of dust and dirt on them, that they had been there long before we moved in and then became buried by our belongings. I was so excited that I didn't need to go far to find something I've been searching for.... expand on one of Ashley's previous posts, to find simple treasures you can ALSO look to what you already own, and perhaps have forgotten about....or look around in spaces such as the basement or attic for items that may have been left behind by previous owners.

a bit dirty still...but with a little scrubbing, they will be nice a shiney

love the contrast in sizes and shapes! they sparkle in the sunlight

they will make perfect vases for those random small flowers that don't quite fit in a bouquet

Happy Hunting!!!

P.S. When I figure out where exactly I'm going to put them...and what I will use them for, I'll post an updated picture! In the meantime, I just HAD to share. stay tuned.


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  1. Very nice, Kirsten! Can't wait to see what you end up using them for!