Monday, June 6, 2011

Tickled Pink

Last Saturday was a day dedicated to my precious Ella.
The theme I chose for her Christening celebration was rustic garden style with the color pink incorporated everywhere.
This handmade banner was so easy to make. All you need is pretty scrapbook paper and letters printed off the computer.
Frame invitations for easy decoration. Personalized napkins can be ordered from Carlson Crafts.
Glass jugs that contain pink lemonade add a nice touch. Mason jar jug from Christmas Tree Shop and Efferve bottles from Marshalls.

This three tiered platter became our mini raw bar. This Pottery Barn one was one of my Mother's Day gifts from Chris (love it!)
Simple cards were used for food labels. A "food must" on a summer party list is definitely various salads. For Ella's party we decided on macaroni, potato, coleslaw, chopped, arugula and fruit salad- and they were all the first things to be eaten.
Cupcakes for the kids is always a good, clean idea.
Pink angel sugar cookies were easy to prepare ahead of time. I used an old family sugar cookie recipe and just added pink food coloring (5 drops for light pink, 20 drops for a brighter shade). I wrapped the baked and cooled cookies in saran wrap and sealed them in a Tupperware. I then froze them all for about two weeks and defrosted them the day before the party. Easy peezie!
Pom Pom balls (in the background) were made before hand too. Easy how-to here.
Having toys and games for the younger guests keep them occupied while adults can mingle and relax for a bit. Our PlayDoh table was a hit.
Ella is so blessed to have such caring and loving godparents. Both of their gifts to her were the most unique, beautiful things I have ever seen.
Her Godmother, Holly (my sister), gave her this precious pearl bracelet, with a cross attached. You can order one here. This bracelet will be a treasure of Ella's until she can pass it onto her daughter.
Bill, her Godfather (whose wife, Sarah, always finds some the best gifts) gave Ella two incredible gifts. The first is a single pearl that will hopefully be the first of many that Ella will collect over the years. Once there's enough, we'll be able to make a string of pearls for her wedding day.
And the second gift was a canvas picture of Ella. This was Ella's first real photograph, that is one of my favorites. You can create your own and order them here.
 It was a day Chris and I will never forget; we are so fortunate to have such amazing people in our lives to help us celebrate our little girl.
We love you Elle!

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