Friday, June 10, 2011

Birthday Party craft #1: Pom Poms!!!

At the end of this summer my daughter, Chloe, will turn 1!!! I am really excited because this is the first summer birthday I get to plan! But let's be real... there is no way to make it incredible if I start planning it a week before! So, I will be doing things "Sarah" paced, which is incredibly slowly but surely! I will be posting the fun and pretty decorations I make through out the summer...
As I'm sure you all know... the Marchlela girls love to decorate their parties with the infamous pom poms!!! And why not? They are a beautiful accent for any party, they are fun to make, and very very cheap! But why stop there? I also decided to make pretty garland out of miniature pink pom poms!!!

The choice of colors I went with were pink, white, red, and beige! I chose these colors because it will be a fairy woodland party with lots of pink, and white fairies, and little toadstools everywhere!

You will need...

~Tissue paper
~Craft wire

To begin...

Take 8 sheets of tissue paper. Fold back and forth like a fan! Tie craft wire around center, and make a small hoop for hanging!


Round the edges with scissors!

Then separate the layers of tissue paper until it resembles a puff!

For the garland...

I made 6 miniature pink pom poms. Then I ran a strand of twine through the wire hoops!

One decoration down, many to go...



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