Friday, June 17, 2011

For the Love of Salad

As the temperatures climb, so do my cravings for light, crisp salads. I like making different salads to substitute for heavy meals and also for sides for picnics and BBQs. Here are two easy, yet delicious salads that I made the other night for a small gathering.

Salads don't have to always start with a green leafy lettuce as the base....why not mix up a few other healthy options and call it a "salad"?!?

                                                        Edamame Salad

I used:

~ 1 bag of frozen edamame
~ 1-15.25 oz can of corn
~ 2-15.5 oz cans of black beans
~ 1-8.5 oz can of julienne cut sun-dried tomatoes with herbs in olive oil (found in produce section near fresh tomatoes)
*can use all frozen or all canned or a combination. whatever you have on hand or is on sale*

Drain corn and black beans and mix with thawed edamame and sun-dried tomatoes (olive oil included).
Mix all ingredients together and add a few dashes of black pepper. Easy Peesy!!! And a perfect side for any summer meal.

                                        Summer Strawberry Salad

I use:

~  6 oz bag of baby spinach
~  About 8-10 good-sized strawberries (Great time of year to pick them yourself)
~ 1/2 of a softball sized red onion. Sliced.
~ either peppered or herb and garlic feta cheese (whatever is available at the time)

Top spinach with sliced strawberries and onions and sprinkle with feta cheese. I like to use a raspberry vinigrette like Newmans Own Light Raspberry and Walnut.....or something on the sweeter side. So light and yummy and great for a luncheon or brunch.

I love entertaining....and I've found that small little touches, like these little cards with the name of your recipe on them, are not only simple and easy to make (I ripped a small note card in half and folded each piece in half), but often become a conversation piece at any party or cookout.

              Happy Summer Entertaining!!!


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